I want, always, to remain in a state of wonder.  We are wild, all of us.  We lust for freedom, to get lost in a labyrinth of thrills and discovery. We need no permission, nor excuse to suck the marrow out of this life.  I invite you to slurp the flavourful sap out of each moment with me, passionately, and without fear.

Touched by a deep wanderlust since I learnt how to read, I delight in finding that spark in the middle of day to day life. I can often be found with my nose in a book, wrapped in warm covers, discovering an entirely new universe. My preferred pace is that of a daydream; tender, slow and all consuming.

I am passionate about forging my own identity without holding back, working hard and working smart, and endlessly exploring.

I believe pleasure to be a universal language in which morality plays an accessory role, in which preconceived ideas dissolve, in which we are given an opportunity to be our best selves. I believe in questioning our standards and forming new ones. In charming and being charmed. In laughter and repartie.

Let me be your favourite reason to play hooky, your afternoon fever dream, an untamable fantasy.


a state of wonder


a sense of adventure


sonate - 600

up to 2 hours

concerto - 900

up to 3 hours

minuet - 1500

up to 6 hours

symphony - 2500

up to 24 hours

(available only for return guests)

social solfegio - 100/hr*


choice offerings for those

in search of something special...


Nature is my sanctuary. The bird’s songs are my favourite tune. The clouds' gentle caress of the mountains fills me with joy. The crash of waves against the shore tells me I'm safe here, kissed by an all encompassing sea.


If you also revel in collecting pictures of the sunset, deciphering the shape of clouds or finding your way through the woods, let's plan our date outside!

I'm a fit, athletic outdoor adventurer, so if you just want a delightful excuse to push yourself and get sweaty, that works too!


I value and cherish ongoing lust affairs. I am favourable to ongoing arrangements as well as expanding on our time together. There is nothing more special to me than a long term connection built on trust and genuine intimacy.  I lock in rates for this type of relationship.


I love love love playing and building relationships with couples!  Perhaps it's that I like to keep things spicy, maybe it's that I like adrenaline rush of being kissed in two places at once. Whatever it is, couples are my favourite clients.  If you're a duet looking for a 3rd harmony, you're in the right place.  Custom rates apply and transparent communication between all parties is required.


the courage to question


What are your restrictions / limits?

While I make exceptions on sleepovers, I don’t usually stay up past 9:30 pm (I am a diurnal creature), I don’t usually drink more than a glass of wine and I don’t speak Greek.

Do you offer pse?

Campy roleplay is in my skill set. Full force star power and special effects, however, are not.

Do you offer extended dates / overnights / travel?

Extended dates are ideal, since they offer us the opportunity to ditch the clock and create a symphony for our senses. I adore the prospect of exploring by your side, taking in the sights of the city or stepping out of urban centers to find ourselves at one with nature. Being together for an ample period allows me to surrender entirely to the joy that being together brings me. These dates allow our minds and bodies to relax and fully explore each other. Before skipping town and eloping, however, trust must be established and additional screening is required.

What type of outfit will you wear on our date?

Usually I am drawn to wearing either bespoke vintage pieces or athletic clothing (leggings, sweaters, t-shirts and tank tops). I welcome outfit requests if you've got something on your mind.

I’ve never seen an escort before, will you see me?

You’ll need to charm me first, and you are welcome to try. I am all in favour of stepping into new experiences.

Are you 420 friendly?

We’re on speaking terms ;)

Do you have any age restrictions?

I do. I won’t see you if you are born after 1990, unless you happen to have a stellar recommendation from another reputable companion.

I use a wheelchair, can you accommodate me?

I can come to you or welcome you through an accessible elevator via an underground parking in my private condo.

Are you fetish friendly?

Unless your fetish is for me not to be friendly, I sure am! I enjoy pleasing, fluid power dynamics. I am flexible in my kinks, and in my mindset. I’ve read Sade, so while I may be reticent to certain contexts and practices, discussing prior to us taking our pants off it won’t make me faint. Do not spring it on me though, as the surprise might be a frightening one.

Will you visit me at my home?

Only if we have met previously and established a trusting rapport.

What’s with the body hair?

It grows that way! I shave it sometimes - but it’s exceptional, and when I do, it’s mostly my legs. I’ve spent a large portion of my adult life trying to tame my wildness - now I let it bloom accordingly with the seasons of my desires.

How’d you get that six pack?

I skipped every gym class in high school as I was somehow unconvinced of the benefits of physical activity. It was only when a friend suggested it that I started dabbling. To my surprise, it happened to have marked mental health benefits for me. Since then, moving has been a way to get grounded, centered and cultivate a healthy relationship with my body. I go back and forth between different modalities. My current favourites are hiking, yoga, weightlifting and interval training.


the vulnerability of giving



the power of contact



  • For our first meeting, I require a 10% non-refundable deposit and/or a positive reference from a reputable, independent companion with whom you have previously met. Deposits can be made via e-transfer to

  • If you choose to cancel our time together less than 12 hours prior our scheduled meeting time, I require a 25% cancellation fee. Cancellations made within 3 hours of our rendezvous require a cancellation fee of 100%.

  • Cancellation fees can be made via e-transfer to and must be received before I am inclined to schedule another date.

*Please note that cancellation fees are in place to compensate for the preparation time required for our date. They are not applicable to future rendezvous.




I am happy to host in my upscale downtown Vancouver condo or to meet you at your hotel.

*Texts and emails only please. 

No unscheduled phonecalls.